Welcome to our Team,

We want to emphasize the significance of acknowledging our Employee Handbook before you begin your journey with us. The Employee Handbook serves as a fundamental guide for both you and the company, outlining our shared expectations and responsibilities. Here’s why acknowledging it is crucial:

1. **Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities:** The handbook provides a clear understanding of your rights and responsibilities as an employee of Floyd County Brewing Company, LLC. This clarity ensures that you are aware of what is expected of you and what you can expect from us.

2. **Compliance with Company Policies:** It outlines our company policies and procedures, ensuring that you are aware of our standards for behavior, conduct, and performance. Compliance with these policies is vital for a harmonious and productive work environment.

3. **Legal and Ethical Framework:** The handbook explains the legal and ethical framework within which we operate. This knowledge is essential for ensuring that our actions as employees align with the law and ethical standards.

4. **Conflict Resolution and Communication:** It details our procedures for conflict resolution, reporting issues, and communicating concerns. Being familiar with these processes can help you navigate any challenges effectively and professionally.

5. **Equal Opportunity and Inclusion:** We are committed to providing an inclusive and diverse workplace. The handbook highlights our commitment to equal opportunity and inclusion, ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and respectfully.

6. **Safety and Well-being:** Your safety and well-being are paramount. The handbook outlines our commitment to maintaining a safe work environment and provides information on safety protocols.

7. **Acknowledgment of At-Will Employment:** Understanding the terms of your employment, including our at-will employment policy, is essential to protect both your rights and ours.

By acknowledging the Employee Handbook, you signify your commitment to upholding the principles and values of Floyd County Brewing Company, LLC. It is also a step towards building a strong and productive relationship with us.

We encourage you to read the handbook thoroughly and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need clarification. Thank you for your dedication to making Floyd County Brewing Company, LLC a great place to work.

Welcome to the team!


Floyd County Brewing Company, LLC